Legendary singer with Rainbow, Deep Purple,
Yngwie Malmsteen, Glenn Hughes..... the list goes on and on!
(Interviewed in 2007)


    Joe Lynn Turner

    Can you tell us what your birthstone is?
    Well...Aug 2nd...I guess its Pierdot or something...What is that?

    What instrument could you play first and how old were you then?
    Accordian...My dad made me take lessons at 6 yrs old!!! it was a very unsexy
    Instrument and I soon went to guitar!!

    What did your parents think of your plans to become a professional musician?
    My dad was cool...Mom made me go to college to have "something to fall back
    on"...I have an English lit degree...Helps with the writing!!!!...Who knew!

    What was the first car you owned
    An old Saab!...You had to put oil and gas into the tank!!!...They thought I
    was crazy at the gas stations!!

    What else could you have been if not a musician?
    Well...I always liked criminal law...so I guess a trial lawyer...or a Circus
    Clown!!!...I like to get the laughs!!!

    What side of the bed do you sleep on?
    The left...The side closest to the door...Its and old custom...something about
    the man protecting the woman if someone breaks into your home...Although with
    the alarm system on the house I doubt that could ever happen without the whole
    world knowing about it!!!

    Where is your favorite place on earth?
    Kaui...The most northern Hawaian island...I'll be there someday!!..driving a
    Taxi or singing in the small bars...

    Is there a solution other than war for protecting our liberties and how do you explain life as it is since 911 to your children?
    Well...War is never the answer...a man who fights runs out of ideas!...Old
    Chinese proverb!...And our liberties were never threatened by Sadaam...This
    whole thing is a major deception...Im not a bush fan!!!...It will and is
    starting to come to the attention of the American public...you'll see!

    Do you believe in God?
    Not in any religious way...a higher power ...Oh,wait a minute ...Blackmore
    is God!!!

    What is your view on the influence of drugs in the music industry over the years?
    Well...as they say in "Spinal Tap"...I can do without the rock and roll as
    long as there is sex and drugs!!

    Where did you have your first paying job as a musician?
    10 years old..at a moose lodge for a bunch of younger kids...I think we
    played "Twist and Shout" for an hour cause we only knew 3 songs!!

    What project are you working on at the moment?
    Just came back from Moscow... did a big show and lots of press ...Going back
    In october to do a 20 city tour!...So now I'm home and working on a colaborative
    project with an amazing Japanese guitar player!

    Did you save your first time on video, recording or photo?
    My folks did...I was too busy running around the world...

    What is your absolute weakness when it comes to sweets?
    Licorice....red and black...

    Are you a clown and joy to be around?
    Most times...Otherwise I can be Satan's lap dog!

    Are you a romantic and are you in love now?
    Well...my wife is typing this for me...so the answer is yes....and yes!!!!

    Were you ever too big for the room (as an ego maniac) and be honest?
    Yeah...there was a time ...Anybody who did anything substantial in this
    business would be lying if they said they didn't..I'm better now!

    How many records have you played or sang on...can you give us some examples?
    Way too many to mention...go to my website...but make sure you have a lot
    of time!  

    Who is your favorite musician or inspiration?
    I've had many a muse at many different times....but hendrix still blows me

    What would you consider your biggest accomplishment in the business to date?
    That I'm still alive..and still going strong....a lot of us didn't survive

    If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change about your plan to make it?
    Nothing really....I was fortunate in that respect....


    Thanks Joe for the great answers!




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