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Pre-Trouble or Nothin'  Me in Japan with Will Lee, and Carlos Santana

With Klaus Meine from the Scorpions
after German TV appearance

You can't strike out with these guys behind you, 
Steve Gad (Drummer Supreme) ,
Will Lee and me in Japan 1982

Sophie B. Hawkins and me back stage in Bologna Italy
at a TV station. 
It's a girl thing, relaxing before a show.

Steve Ferrone and me. We are still good friends even after the
pink umbrella turned inside out and we both got soaked.


Meryle Miller and I did a gig with Tania Maria and this is
backstage @ little Carnagie in N.Y. You should have been there.
The dance moves were priceless.  Latin dolls.

Touring in Germany. I broke my toe during this performance!

This was my first autograph card.

Steven Tyler, Mark Hudson and Joe perry... My idols.  Ain't they cute little rockers? Especially Steven. Taken at a writing session with Hudson.

Me and Mim...  Background singer  groovin' in the UK.

Ahh... My two babies. Olivia and James and little ole me.

Ed Stasium and Robin... Ed's B'day.  
"I said cut the cake, not the cheese cake".
Ed is best known for his incredible work as an engineer/producer. 
He has done everyone from Gladys "Midnight Train to Georgia"
 (he told me she sang that in one take...)  to the Ramones and so much more.

Robin sings the Blues live in Germany.

This pic is at my wedding....  the famed Rick Noles, Diana Grisselli and Ricks wife
Maria Vidal... both Maria and Diana were in
Desmond Child and Rouge.  

O.K. now... Richard Marx and Robin back stage after a performance..

Look at us a couple of posers...
This picture was take in my London Apartment where this guy...
Jeff Kent my
buddy for almost 20 years wrote with me and Guy Marshall
 "Sleeping with the Enemy"   

London sweet London... Waitin' for a bus...

Robin & The Late Great Vickie Sue Robinson

These are the jeans that I wore in "Save up all your tears" Video... 
Getting my money's worth out of em.

yep...  Every time I open my mouth someone snaps a picture.

My first formal signing...
 "Sweet Talk" in NYC with Polygram Records. far right President, Bob Sherward,
Robin, Kenny Lehman, can't remember these two guys names but I think the far left is Steve------?

Being honored at the Hard Rock cafe in Berlin Germany where you can find my GOLD Record as well as my microphone on display.

This is the house I lived in when recording "Cant Get Off" at Peter Gabriels studio

Producer/Andy Richards at Peter Gabriels compound with me.

Robin and two of the members of "Valeries Garten"

Robin & Jennifer Rush  (Shes Gotta Hold On ME!)

Jetting around Europe - Gig to Gig

Radio Gong 2000 after an Interview

On the Video of  "In My Heart To Stay"

with Suzie Quatro

Rockin' out on the road with Steve Ferrari in the background...

Wow!  Max Shnelling Middle Weight Champion and Guy Marshal... 
me in the middle of two really great guys.

Non e un addio... You can say that again!
Italian Stallion,  pop vocalist Pupo and me...
performing our duet Non e un addio, there I said it again!

Is this David letterman?  Yep none other...
This guy is a cream puff, sweet as can be and funny as all get out..
 I had the honor of spending time backstage up at NBC during many
 of the tapings that I attended back then.

How cute.... Steve West my favorite guy... Drummer from  Danger Danger... 
Here with with my favorite girl Olivia..

Promo for gig at 7th Avenue South... The Brecker Brothers Club Randy and Micheal Brecker.  Featuring an all Star Band and some great friends.

Promo invitiation. for 7th Avenue south.

I wonder if I could do a re make of First Time when I grow up...
Would COCA COLA hire me?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I gave my girl a guitar for Christmas...
 Dad's the teacher of course.

Geli Fleer...  My best buddy from Frankfurt and one hell of a keyboard player and writer. She co-wrote "Don't try to Find Love" from the "Can't Get Off Album.

Back at Peter Gabriels studio in Bath, England where we recorded"Can't Get Off".
This is from R to L Geli Fleer, me, Andy Richards and Jurgen Zoller Drummer
from the internationally know group Bop.

In Italy while visiting James Aunt who is a Nun in a Chuch
that is also a haven for orphans.  We stayed and played the day away...

The love of my life... James Christian...
Truly my better half and the best singer, producer, Guitar player, Bass Player and Drum programmer in the universe.  Sez who?  Sez me!

 Desmond Child, Maria Vidal and Robin

Robin with Robbie Neville

Robin with Julian Lennon



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